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      Employees are the most valuable assets and resources. The company firmly promotes the culture of co-live and co-grow with the company, builds an organization in which employees and the company share weal and woe and share common interests, promotes “trinity” of owners, operators, and workers, encourages employees to break through the boundaries of these roles and be open to any possibilities.

      We are committed to providing employees with a healthy and safe working environment, paying attention to fair employment relations, promoting diversity and equality, constantly improving employee benefits and training systems;we provide career planning advise to employees, establish an online training platform “CF Gold College”, develop employees skills and competency, and reserve suitable international professionals for the company.

      We encourage all employees to provide suggestions and report on non-compliance behaviors. A reward will be provided should the suggestions be adopted. For report of non-compliances, the company will conduct investigations and protect any person who makes the report in good faith. We encourage all our employees to participate in company operations and corporate governance.

      We wish to become a preferred employer. We attract outstanding employees with our corporate culture and management concept. We will also continue to promote the employee stock ownership plan, increase shareholdings of front-line backbones, and benefit more people with the development of Chifeng Gold

      By the end of 2022, the company had a total of 5137 employees, including 872 female employees, accounting for 16.97%.

      A7 Xiaojing, Wanfeng Road, Fengtai District, Beijing


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