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      Home / Investors and Media / News / Kunming Vice Mayor Visits LXML Vientiane Office
      Kunming Vice Mayor Visits LXML Vientiane Office

      Recently, Vientiane, Lao PDR - Mr. Dai Huiming, Vice Mayor of Kunming, Yunnan Province, and his accompanied Delegates paid a visit to Lao PDR. As part of his itinerary, Mr. Dai visited Lane Xang Minerals Limited (LXML) Vientiane office. During the visit, Mr. Saman Aneka, Managing Director of LXML, and the CSR Team received Mr. Dai and provided a presentation on Chifeng.

      LXML is one of the top international mining investors in Laos apart from Phou Bia Mining (PBM) Co. and is the Executive VVIP Member to the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As a result of good performance, LXML is consistently receiving Govt. Credential at Grade A (+), Development Medal, Class 1 Lao Labor Medal, Best Operational Award as well as its achievements and awards in environmental governance and Mining Excellence in SEAN.

      Chifeng-LXML opens the opportunity for employment, capacity building to Lao national, promotion to local contractors including the suppliers and the service from Vilabouly district and Savannakhet province. LXML's Corporate Social Responses which consistently deliver sustainable benefits to the local community’s host to the Sepon Project Operations The three main programs for community development include food security through agriculture, the Education for next generations, and Community Public Health.

      Chifeng-LXML used to have a corporate program with the Yunnan Bureau of Cultural Heritage in the casual mission to the Sepon Project to share the study on artifacts and historical heritage around the mine site.

      Mr. Saman also highlighted LXML's active promotion of business relations between China and Laos."We are honored to welcome Mr. Dai to our Vientiane office," said Mr. Saman " LXML is committed to being a responsible and sustainable mining company and is proud to continue making positive contributions to Laos Country’s Socio-Economy, Local Authorities, local community, and the environment.

      Mr. Dai commended Chifeng Gold for its exemplary reputation and successful operations in China. He also expressed his appreciation for LXML's efforts in promoting business relations between China and Laos and its commitment to responsible and sustainable mining practices. Mr. Dai said, “I hope in the future LXML will collaborate with mining companies in Kunming to further enhance the capacity of both companies and strengthen future sustainable development”.

      A7 Xiaojing, Wanfeng Road, Fengtai District, Beijing


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